Recording of Lectures

Purpose: This document outlines Edinburgh Business School’s policy on the recording of lectures,
presentations, seminars and tutorials and provides advice for students on what is and is not

Scope: The policy applies to students attending lectures, presentations, seminars and tutorials
provided by Edinburgh Business School.

1. The recording (audio and/or visual) by students of lectures, presentations, seminars and tutorials
is recognised as enhancing the quality of the student experience and supporting a student’s

2. EBS allows students with specific learning needs to record lectures, presentations, seminars and
tutorials (a) in accordance with Heriot-Watt University’s Recording of Lectures Procedure, and (b)
where it has a legal obligation to do so. Other students must obtain explicit prior permission from
the academic staff member, external speaker, lecturer or tutor to record the relevant lecture,
presentation, seminar or tutorial.

3. A student should ask for permission before making a recording. Where recording is allowed then
it shall be for personal use only and must not be reproduced, distributed to any other person,
published in any form, commercially exploited or uploaded/linked to any social media channel
(such as YouTube, Twitter or Facebook).

4. Where there is group based learning such as interactive tutorials then the tutor and other students
in the session must be informed that recording is taking place and be given the opportunity to
object to the recording.

5. Misuse by the student of the recorded material will be deemed to be misconduct and/or an
infringement of EBS’s copyright and this may lead to disciplinary or other action against the

6. No intellectual property rights in any recording shall pass from EBS (or its employees, contractors
or representatives) to the student.

7. The academic staff member, external speaker lecturer or tutor will always have the right to
request that a student stop the recording of the lecture, presentation, seminar or tutorial at any

8. This policy should be read in conjunction with Heriot-Watt University’s Procedures for Lawful Use
of Recordings and Images of People

Policy Version and History

Version: 1.1
Approving authority: EBS Learning and Teaching Committee
Approval date: 17 Apr 2019
Effective date: 17 Apr 2019
Review period: Two years from date of approval
Responsible person: Director of Learning and Teaching