​Why did we update our MBA curriculum and learning resources?

Delivering on our promise

To remain true to our promise of affordable access to transformational learning, we have recently committed to refreshing and updating our MBA programme, reviving all course content and redesigning our learning platform to keep pace with our changing world and our students' needs. We continue to design our programmes for real life, offering lifelong learning on your terms, helping professionals from all walks of life to achieve their ambitions, as we pursue a more equal world through education.

How are we delivering on that promise?
Optimising your learning experience

Education is evolving and how we like to access and interact with information has changed.
Our learning designers are committed to leading the way in programme design and delivery that aligns with your expectations.
By deeply understanding how our students connect with learning platforms, what support, guidance, resources, content formats and interactions work best for them, our learning designers have been able to respond and test the most effective methods of delivering our refreshed course content.  Providing more access through mobile and off-line modes, tutor and community social engagement functionality, video content and opportunities to feedback, our new for 2019 learning online platform delivers the learning experience our students asked for.

    When are we doing it?

    A staged release starting now, and continuing through 2020

    We're releasing the new core MBA courses in stages. From 30 September 2019, this first set are now available for purchase, the rest will follow in early 2020. See below for more information on each released course - check this page regularly for the latest updates!