All online courses are assessed by examinations.

Apply for examination when you feel fully prepared. Register online through our student portal three months before the exam is scheduled and choose the exam session, course and approximate location. You will then be allocated to an examination centre local to you, supervised by an invigilator or proctor appointed by Edinburgh Business School. If you need help in applying for an examination, please contact us using the form below.

Our courses are assessed by examinations

David Kelly explains

Our examinations

Edinburgh Business School's examinations department organises a large number of exams in 2014/15.

Exams organised

Edinburgh Business School's examinations department organises a large number of exams in 2014/15.

Number of exam centres used in 2016/2017.

Exam Centres

Number of exam centres used in 2016/2017.

Number of hours of study input required per course.

Study hours per course

Number of hours of study input required per course.

Examination sessions

Examination sessions, known as diets, are held in exam centres and cover all courses.

All online courses are examined in June and December each year. Minor exam sessions are held in March and August in selected locations for selected courses. 

Examination timetable

Follow the link for the full examination timetable for major and minor diets.

Exam timetable

​How long is the exam?

Each exam for each course is a three-hour written examination.

 All questions are compulsory. Exam scripts are marked by Edinburgh Business School Faculty and are rigorously scrutinised by external examiners from other UK universities.

Exam attempts per course

You are permitted a maximum of two examination attempts for each course.

There is a fee of £160 for each examination attempt. 

More on fees

Exam performance report

If you have failed an exam and would like feedback on your performance you may request an analytical report on each case study and essay question. You will be required to indicate this by correspondence and to include a fee of £160 for each course or report you request.

Exam past papers

The course materials contain plenty of practice exam papers and worked examples

Also, ProfilerTM; our interactive software that tests your strengths and weaknesses in each aspect of every subject, helping you prepare for examination. Try our student portal - username and password: demo

Student portal

Revision sessions

Online and on-campus

Try our Online Revision Sessions, or join us on-campus for our intensive Revision Sessions in the UK and Malaysia.

Online learning options

​Your results

Results are issued approximately eight weeks after the relevant diet.

You will receive an email when your results have been released. You can view all your results in the student portal.

Achieve an MBA or MSc with distinction by passing all courses at the first attempt with a minimum average mark of 70% across the programme.

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