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The philosophy underlying this course is that marketing-oriented companies put customers first, are geared for long term success and that this orientation must be championed by top management and infused throughout the whole organisation.

In addition to this overall culture, strategic marketing requires knowledge, skills and competencies in a range of techniques such as strategic analysis and planning, implementation - via a number of integrated and synergistic marketing functions and activities - and marketing control, aided by an array of marketing metrics and digital developments. 

Topics include:

Marketing management for a turbulent era 
Marketing fit with corporate and business strategies 
Marketing environmental insights 
Customer insights and customer connections 
Marketing insights for demand measurement  
Segmentation and target marketing  
Branding and positioning 
Marketing strategies for competitive and market scenarios 
The integrated marketing mix 
Organising, planning, delivering and measuring market performance 

This course aims to provide students with a strong grasp of both the strategic elements of establishing a long-term customer orientation and the operational techniques that are required of marketing managers to implement a strategic marketing orientation successfully.    

Edinburgh Business School is a CIM university and students who complete this Strategic Marketing courses can apply for an exemption from the CIM Strategic Marketing Diploma level 6 exam. 

We've got five aspects for this course, all at the strategic level: analysis, planning, implementation, control and feedback.

Steven Carter, Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing Group

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