Professor Laura Galloway is attending the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management Conference on Research Studies in Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

Her paper will be Jackman, L., Galloway, L. & Kapasi, I. Where’s the benefit? Exploring experiences of self-employment and poverty in the UK. The conference will take place in Toledo 14 – 16 November 2018.

This is a first dissemination of interim results for the Leverhulme/British Academy funded project she has with Dr Isla Kapasi at University of Leeds, on entrepreneurship as a context of poverty in Scotland. Laura Jackman teaches Entrepreneurship courses for the Edinburgh Business School MBA and is also a PhD candidate.

Her interest in this paper stems from complementarity between the funded project and some of the key areas of focus in her PhD, particularly those relating to policy and entitlement to, and navigation of, the benefits system in a self-employed context.