Sales professional takes his negotiating skills to the next level

Louis Blais studied his MBA online while working full time. Now, a successful business development manager, Louis reveals his strategy for achieving life goals, which included a spreadsheet to track his commitment to studies.

With ten years’ experience in the advertising and IT industries under his belt, Louis was advised by one of his managers to study for an MBA to enhance his skills and progress his career. 

Louis said: “I began my research and was impressed with the School’s high ranking, the 100% independent study model, and the flexibility of the ‘pay-as-you-go’ structure.”

However, it was his commitment that was the key factor in his success. “I was systematic about my studies, devoting 200 hours to each module and tracking my progress to ensure I could balance work, my studies and seeing friends and family”, Louis explained.

“A couple of the electives that I chose for my MBA course focused around negotiations. Obviously being in sales, negotiation is a very important part of it and I was able to use some of the skills that I learned in those courses directly and immediately in my sales career.”

Working with International SOS, the world’s largest medical and security assistance company, Louis reflects on his career and why he chose the sales path. “As a youngster I loved public speaking and won many awards in competitions from the age of 10. I was also interested in business and science so reasoned that sales would be a logical career choice.”

With International SOS, Louis is part of a team that provide support to 60 million people throughout 27 assistance centres and offices in 92 countries, and operate 850 clinics around the world. However, his commitments stretch much wider.

“On a part-time basis, I also teach international marketing management at a local business college - Acsenda School of Management”, he explains.

“The most important way my MBA studies have helped me is to identify and evaluate both work and investment opportunities, and for that I will always be grateful.”

Louis, you inspire us.

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