It was a double celebration for MBA graduates Terez and Paul Rijkenberg 

The couple celebrated their achievements at the Edinburgh campus graduation ceremony in December 2019.

Both were always interested in completing an MBA, but time pressures of work and the costs associated with studying meant that a flexible and affordable structure was key. Fortunately, the online MBA at Edinburgh Business School hit all the marks.

Terez found her goals changed as she moved through the programme. Initially, she was driven towards becoming a company CEO and an MBA appealed to her for the well-rounded business understanding it embodied. However, as the programme progressed and she gave birth to their son, Kai, she found her focus shifted into something more personal. Now, Terez is inspired by impacting people’s lives on a one-to-one level and is passionate about parental entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is now working towards becoming a strategy coach to support working mothers and help create success in their professional lives:

“I would also love to be able to offer talks on how it’s ok for your identity to change in your life and that huge life shifts will change what you want and this is ok too – what’s important is to be open to these changes and be more accepting and compassionate.”

Paul was drawn to the idea of an MBA to broaden his knowledge in the workplace. He was interested in understanding more about the different functional areas of business and had aspirations to focus his career development on strategy and leading strategic insights and development for businesses. After years of working in IT, he now feels confident taking on other senior roles in different industries:
“I would love to complete a specialism in strategic planning and am passionate about putting these new skills to use in a consulting capacity.”
Studying while juggling busy working lives and embarking on parenthood was not without its challenges – particularly when their young son stopped napping during the day! But, with the support of grandparents and flexible exam dates, they were able to achieve their goal and flew over to Scotland in December 2019 for graduation.

Terez and Paul, you inspire us!