Meet Melissa Ip Chan In, an online MBA graduate from Mauritius with a specialism in Finance

For Melissa the motivation to study with Edinburgh Business School was simple: “I chose to do an MBA because I wanted to climb the ladder and move up in my career.”

Even with a first class undergraduate degree, Melissa felt that she needed to further her knowledge in order to truly understand business on a holistic level.

 “The programme taught me a lot of things I didn’t know… project management skills for example. The organisational behaviour course helped me understand and lead my company’s junior staff better too.”

Melissa found valuable help from our support network – particularly the online forums and Facebook groups which opened up, quite literally, a world of shared student knowledge. “Students from around the world were happy to help every time!” she tells us.

When asked about the future, Melissa’s confidence shines through, “I’m aiming high. I’m a young entrepreneur so I want to start my own business and be my own boss.”

Melissa, you inspire us.