Meet Corinne, an online MBA graduate from Vancouver, Canada


Like anybody else with a natural disposition for personal and professional growth, Corinne was always looking for new challenges and ways to keep her options open.


Already an established chartered accountant, her goal was to “extend beyond finance”. Fast forward a year and a half and she’s now Chief Operating Officer of a prosperous real estate association, putting her newly unlocked strategic mindset to good use.
 “Taking on Edinburgh Business School’s online MBA was really important in making that leap towards the strategic and operational side of things.”
The programme has given her a new sense of purpose. “The biggest change is my new-found ability to consider options, to be able to spread my wings a bit more. I’m no longer pigeon-holed.” She’s even a voluntary board member for several organisations that work with wildlife, a personal passion of hers.
Corinne, you inspire us.