Making the journey from Kirkcaldy to The Edinburgh Fringe

In Company Theatre Productions, in association with Kirkcaldy 4 All and Edinburgh Business School, are bringing the play Adam Smith - The Invisible Hand to the Edinburgh Fringe.

11th - 26th August at 16:00 (GMT)

Venue 305
Panmure House
4 Lochend Cl
Edinburgh EH8 8BL

First written and performed in Kirkcaldy, where Adam Smith was born, the play is now making its way to Edinburgh where the globally-renowned moral philosopher and economist spent his last years.

‘The Invisible Hand’ tells the story of how Adam Smith reached this pinnacle of success, the famous people he met along the way and their influence on him. It also tells how his mother, a strong and resourceful Kirkcaldy woman, tried to influence him away from what she perceived as being the destructive forces of opinion at home and abroad.

The play brings to life the conflict Adam Smith felt about his inability to finish his work by bringing his two famous books, 'The Wealth of Nations' and the 'Theory of Moral Sentiments', together in a third volume; his struggle with his mother’s wishes; his desire to embrace the changes being brought about in France and America; and much more.

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