Thea House joined the Centre for Networks and Enterprise (CNE) as a part-time Research Assistant in January 2018.

Thea has a general interest in human behavior and the social sciences, and she has previously completed a BSc and MSc in Psychology (University of Manchester; University of St Andrews).

Thea’s specific research interest involves studying whether interventions can deliver social capital and improve the employment outcomes of minority groups.

To improve her understanding of social networks, Thea completed a course on social network analysis at the University of Bamberg’s ECPR Winter School in March 2018.

Upon completing the course, Thea has been using her social network analysis training to research one particular social capital intervention - the Taylor Bennett Foundation. The Taylor Bennett Foundation is a training and mentoring programme that provides both human and social capital to ethnic minority graduates. Thea is currently researching the impact of the Taylor Bennett programme on the participants’ social networks to see if the intervention has effectively improved their social capital.

Alongside this research, Thea is analysing the social networks of the MBA students at Edinburgh Business School to assess how the students’ social networks develop over the course of their MBA programme. 

Thea works part time at CNE and spends the rest of her time working at the University of Stirling, supporting the Drug Research Network Scotland (DRNS) to reduce the harms associated with problem drug use. 


• 2017 – MSc, University of St Andrews
• 2015 – BSc, University of Manchester

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