Kane works with EBS on day-to-day research aspects of the Taylor Bennett Foundation (TBF) project.

Kane is also a PhD student in Social Sciences at the University of Stirling. His interests are social networks and social capital; employment, stratification and inequalities, digital skills and literacy. 

Kane’s previous experience includes an impact case-study for Skills Development Scotland, focusing upon Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland (2016-2017). Applying an employment and equalities framework to primary datasets, the programme investigates pay gaps and their drivers (socio-cultural indicators). Outputs of the project have included workshops, formation of the Equalities Action group, a socio-economic impact assessment which feeds into the next Equality Mainstreaming Report (2019). 


2019 (expected): PhD, University of Stirling
2013: MA, University of York
2010: BA (Hons), University of York

Publications, Working Papers, Presentations/Workshops

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