Jatta Muhonen is a Research Assistant at the CNE, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Following a Master’s degree in Performance Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, she joined us in Autumn 2018.

Her major research interests lie in wellbeing (e.g. motivation) and performance development. She is currently working for a follow-up research project on Social Enterprises in Scotland, as part of the INCLUDE HORIZON 2020 ERC grant. She is supervised by Dr Christopoulos and Professor Galloway.

She is a graduate member of the British Psychology Society.


2017 - MSc, University of Edinburgh
2012 - MA, University of Dundee

Conference contributions

She recently presented a paper on Supporting the Development of Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Scotland, at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 (Academic Symposium).