Dr Dimitris Christopoulos is the Director of Centre of Networks and Enterprise.

Dr Christopoulos has conducted research in multiple competitively funded projects (EU-ERC, EU-JRC, SWISS-NRF, Luxembourg-FNR, Austrian-WKW) with results published in world-class journals.  He is known for employing network analysis to problems of exceptional agency in governance systems.  This work is currently directed to issues of robustness and resilience of environmental governance and sustainability. 

He has extensive experience in teaching social network analysis and research methods at post-graduate level.  Dr Christopoulos has taught classes on the topic in multiple European Universities, including Bristol, Edinburgh, Essex, European University Institute, Milan, Malmo and Roskilde. He has been an external examiner of eight successfully completed PhDs in five European Universities. 

He is currently a senior researcher (20%) to the INCLUDE HORIZON 2020 ERC grant overseeing research design and networks data analysis.  For his ongoing research projects; he is supervising three post-docs, four research assistants and two PhD students.  

Academic output since 2014

Journal articles

James, S. and Christopoulos, D. (2017 online, forthcoming in print) ‘Reputational Leadership and Preference Similarity: Explaining Organisational Collaboration in Bank Policy Networks’, European Journal of Political Research, doi: 10.1111/1475-6765.12237.

Ceddia, G., Christopoulos, D., Hernandez, Y. and Zepharovich, E. (2017) ‘Governance Network Topologies and Climate Change Adaptation: a Preliminary Analysis of Flood Risk Management in Austria’, Environmental Science and Policy, 77: 140-146

Hernandez-Gonzalez, Y., Ceddia, G., Zepahrovich, E. and Christopoulos, D. (2016) ‘Prescriptive Conflict Prevention Analysis: An Application to the 2021 Update of the Austrian Flood Risk Management Plan’, Environmental Science and Policy, 66: 299-309.

Christopoulos, D. (2016) ‘Leadership and Political Capital as Predictors of Coalition Success: Experiments in Social Networks’, Methodological Innovations, 9: 1-15.

Christopoulos, D. and Ingold, K. (2015) ‘Exceptional or Just Well Connected? Political Entrepreneurs and Brokers in Policy Making’, The European Political Science Review, 7(3) 475-498.

Walther, O. and Christopoulos, D. (2015) ‘Islamic Terrorism and the Malian Rebellion’ Terrorism and Political Violence, 27(3): 497-519.

Christopoulos, D. and Vogl, S. (2015) The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The Roles, Agendas and Relations of Altruistic Economic Actors’, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 6(1), 1-30.

Christopoulos, D. (2014) ‘Elite Social Capital and Regional Growth in European Regions’ European Urban and Regional Studies’, 21(3), pp. 272-285.

Book Chapters

Christopoulos, D. and Ingold, K. (forthcoming) ‘Political and Policy Networks’ in Moody, J. & Light, R. (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Social Network Analysis, OUP.

Christopoulos, D. (2017) ‘Governance Networks in Politics’, in Hollstein, B. et al., (eds.) Networked Governance, Springer Academic Publishers, pp.55-71.

Ingold, K. and Christopoulos, D. (2015) ‘The Networks of Political Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Swiss Climate Policy’ in Miles, L. & Petridou, E. (eds.) Entrepreneurship in the Polis, Ashgate, pp. 17-30.

Christopoulos, D. and Aubke, F. (2014) ‘Data Collection for Social Network Analysis in Tourism Research’, in MacLeod, M. & Vaughan, R. (eds.), Knowledge Networks and Tourism, Routledge.


Policy Reports

  • Venture Capital Finance in Vienna, WKW funded (Vienna Chamber of Commerce), December 2015 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2448.9046.
  • Flood Management in Austria: A Network Study of Policy Implementation, Joint Research Centre, EU Commission, October 2015, DOI:10.13140/RG.2.1.3306.1527.

Funded Projects

INCLUDE: Indigenous Communities Land Use and Tropical Deforestation
Funding: EU-ERC Consolidator Grant
Role: Senior Researcher. Research design and instrumentation. One post-doc researcher.
Venture Capital of Innovative Start-ups
Funding: Vienna Chamber of Commerce
Role: Senior Researcher. Phase III of data collection. One post-doc, one RA. Interim report.
CROSSWATER, The Management of Water Resources in the Rhine Basin
Funding: FNS (Switzerland) and FNR (Luxembourg)
Role: Senior Researcher. Co-supervisor of one PhD student.
Flood Resilience and Policy Networks in Austria 
Funding: EU Joint Research Centre project.
Role: Co-PI. Survey research design, field work. One RA.

Voices in the City: Policy Networks and Regulatory Reform in the City of London
Funding: UK-ESRC
Role: Advisor. Collaborator on research design and data analysis.

Invited presentations and Keynotes

Sandcastle Politics, Governance Network Robustness and Resilience, ECPR MEthods School, University of Bamberg, March 2018

Robustness and Resilience in Governance Networks I & II, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenbourg, Lower Austria, December 2017 & February 2018.

Robustness in Networks, The Mitchell Centre, University of Manchester, November 2017

Networks & Political Governance, University of Luxembourg, February 2016

Governance Resilience, University of Bremen, November 2015

Tri-partite models of policy analysis, St Petesburg State University, June 2014